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This is the story of the people, places and dreams that make Deshpee what it really is.

May, 2023

Our first Yolkshire outlet was opened.

Yolkshire is a brand Vedarth had admired for over a decade before we took this leap. We wanted to enter the Food & Beverages industry, and Yolkshire seemed like a perfect option!

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September, 2022

Floma Interior Studio was launched.

We took a 2 BHK flat and converted into a fully furnished interior design studio for our customers to see and experience! We believe this will greatly help Floma showcase its quality to prospects.

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April, 2021

Trigacy Studio was launched.

Trigacy Studio is our corporate video production house launched in April 2021. With this, our goal is to improve video marketing of thousands of startups in Pune.

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29th January, 2021

We produced our first music video.

Under the label ‘Titanity’ we produced our first music video named ‘Manzilon Ki Udaan’. We decided to produce one music video each year as a way to create something good and positive that will connect with people.

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July, 2020

We launched Floma Homes.

Floma Homes is our new project that focuses on an innovative line of decor services in Pune, including creative corners and outdoor decor.

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8th June, 2020

We launched Socigram.

Socigram is a new software developed by Socinova that provides a tool for Socinova clients to manage their Instagram account on desktop and schedule content as well.

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15th February, 2020

We brought a new concept to Pune – “Deshpee Barter”

Considering the need for alternative modes of acquiring business services, we broght a new concept to Pune. Now people will be able to exchange their services for ours.

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10th December, 2019

Deshpee completed 5 years. And we launched “Titanate”!

We turned 5 years old, which we say is the turning point in our journey. Now we can say that we’re fully ready for explosive growth. We also launched “Titanate”, our annual report!

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June, 2019

Heaven Adventure was launched.

Considering the potential Nelda Treks for a Cause, we combined it with Project Bion and launched Heaven Adventure, a trekking company in Pune aimed at providing superior adventure travel services throughout India. So exciting!

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February, 2019

Floma started getting recognised nationally.

By now, Floma was grown to be present in every major city in India, having more than 2000+ registered professionals in the country. Innovating the online interior design industry as it grows, Floma was now being recognised nationally.

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January, 2019

Nelda Treks for a Cause completed 5 treks.

Started by Nelda’s two dynamic volunteers, Shubham and Jeet, Nelda Treks for a Cause plans to trek 100+ forts in Maharashtra while also volunteering there. It completed its first 5 treks in January with over 50+ total volunteers.

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10th December, 2018

Deshpee completed 4 years.

They say “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” We think this quote describes Deshpee the best. Vedarth and our team are otherwise just a bunch of young people. But when we work together, we leave no stone unturned in doing the very best.

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30th June, 2018

Socinova completed 4 years and 500+ global clients milestone.

One of the finest affordable social media management agencies, Socinova completed 4 years and 500+ clients from more than 20 countries! Thanks to its worldwide clients, Socinova gave Deshpee a global perspective.

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20th May, 2018

Deshpee Training Institute was launched.

As our another step to help others utilise our digital marketing expertise, we started Deshpee Training Institute. Aiming to train professionals in Pune and India to launch and grow their businesses using digital marketing, it’s one of our favourite ventures! Shri. Mohnish Jain was named the first Head of Operations for this venture.

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22nd January, 2018

Floma started getting recognised nationally.

Looking at the growing need of dedicated business development and digital marketing services for interior designers, architects and professionals in India, we launched Floma Pro Services- the services division of Floma.

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10th December, 2017

Deshpee completed 3 years.

Trying to do more of what we did best, our third year was completed. This was probably the first year where we really operated like a company, having various departments and processes. Good start to what was destined to happen.

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17th July, 2017

Trigacy v2 was launched.

Identifying the need of on-demand digital marketing services, Trigacy was launched. We aimed at simpifying the delivery of digital marketing services to small businesses worldwide, making them affordable and fast.

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25th July, 2017

We hosted the First Annual Nelda Recognitions.

Aiming to honour those who work for the environment and society, we started the annual Nelda Recognitions, where we try to recognise the efforts of social enterprises in Pune and India.

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10th December, 2016

Deshpee completed 2 years.

In somewhat ‘chaotic’ first 2 years of operations, we had achieved a little but learnt a lot. We took all our employees to Goa, India to celebrate the 2nd birthday. We knew we had a long way to go, but as always, we were ready for the future.

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November, 2016

Deshp was renamed Deshpee and Floma was formally released.

Considering the need for better branding, we renamed ‘deshp’ to ‘Deshpee’. Also, Floma finally came out of the beta phase and was now a real startup chasing its dreams of helping the Indian interior design industry.

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26th June, 2016

Nelda was born.

Along with 3 young men of Deshpee, namely Rohan Agawane, Sagar Bhagirath and Vedarth Deshpande, we started Project Nelda. With an aim to influence the plantation of a billion trees by 2041, we took up a section of Hanuman Tekdi, Pune to manage ourselves.

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March, 2016

We started thinking about giving back to the society.

As our companies were doing fine, we started thinking about how we can give back to the society. Vedarth being not native to Pune, decided to do something for the city that will benefit it for long. Hence, we decided to focus on environment conservation.

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15th August, 2015

Trigacy Digital was launched.

As we were having quite a few social media clients, many started asking if we can do more. So we launched Trigacy Digital in August 2015 which promised to deliver SEO, web design and app development services. It took a long time to get the first client for Trigacy though.

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10th December, 2014

Deshp was formed at Pune.

As clients from Socinova started increasing, Vedarth decided to finally get an office space. Vedarth had never worked in any company, never even gave an interview. The first interview he was into was the one he was taking. That interview was of Shri. Virendra Khade, the first employee of deshp. He had decided in 2011 only that he’ll call his company ‘deshp’.

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October, 2014

Floma’s website was launched.

Still working from home on his laptop and handling social media clients, Vedarth was also working on an eCommerce version of the Floma website. He initially got it done from another company but they messed it up, so he had to get it redone. He says he didn’t have any idea what to do with Floma next.

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30th June, 2014

Socinova was launched.

After a lot of here and there, Socinova was finally launched on 30th June, the birthday of Rucha, his sister. He recalls that when he went to talk to Shri. Ganesh Jagadale for building Socinova, he had already decided not to do it. But while talking to him, he himself got too excited and decided to launch it anyway!

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April, 2014

Vedarth decided to launch a social media agency.

Since joining Fiverr, Vedarth literally did a hundred things online. He tried to be a freelancer, doing any type of work he used to find. From writing to listing products on eBay, etc. Then one day, one client from Canada asked Vedarth if he could handle his Facebook account. And Vedarth said yes.

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17th, December, 2013

Vedarth found Fiverr.

Vedarth started doing all he could to sell the clocks. From meeting the sellers in Dhule & Pune to listing the clocks on eBay and Amazon, he tried all he could. Though he did sell some 100 clocks, it wasn’t anything big. But while he was looking for a Facebook ads coupon to promote Floma, he found Fiverr- a freelancing website.

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November, 2013

Vedarth manufactured the first set of Floma clocks.

After what he called an ‘horrifying & blood-sucking’ time of 3 months, the first set of clocks were manufactured. Now he had the products, but no knowledge about selling them. But the show had to go on. Interestingly, the tagline of the Floma brand was suggested by his sister, Rucha Deshpande.

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6th June, 2013

Vedarth met his father’s friend who had a CNC machine.

He thought maybe he’ll find something to do here, and boy he did. Here, he thought of creating ‘customised wall clocks’ which can be produced using the CNC machine and started working on it. This is where ‘World of Floma’ was born.

February, 2013

Vedarth decided to start a venture of selling dried fruits.

Yes, it was as weird as it sounds now. Having decided to do something else than Amway, Vedarth was looking for something start. From the many ‘out of the box’ ideas, he thought of going ahead with this one with his uncle, Shri. Vyankatesh Joshi. But it didn’t work out due to the lack of capital and expertise.

June, 2010

Vedarth signed up to be an Amway Business Owner at Dhule.

On this day, at the age of 15, Vedarth finally got to start a ‘business of his own’. His mother, Mrs. Vaidehi Deshpande helped him in this. Being an ABO taught him how to talk to people and handle sales meetings. Though he didn’t succeed in this venture, he calls it the official launch of his ‘entrepreneurial spirit’.

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Sometime, 2007

Vedarth’s father gave him the book ‘Mantra Shrimanticha’.

Being 12 years old and still in the 7th grade, Vedarth hardly had any idea about what money or business was. He says that due to his father, Shri. Shriram Deshpande, and this book, he started thinking about doing business. He was ‘anyway’ going to be a Chartered Accountant, but the curiosity of ‘earning money’ started here.

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