Meet the #TitansofDeshpee

Meet the #TitansofDeshpee

Rohan Agawane

Chief Executive Officer, Floma

Being the Marketing Manager of Floma, it’s my job to make sure that all marketing activities are carried out correctly.

Pratiksha Wangota

Interior Design Executive, Floma

I love the creativity of designing, but for me the most fun part is discovering new materials and mixing them together in projects.

Harshala Awari

Interior Design Associate, Floma

I strive to bring a new zeal of creativity and innovation in the field of interior designing.

Varsha Choudhary

Interior Design Associate, Floma

I am an young interior designer, with ambitions. I love to design but more than that, I love to connect with people & hear their thoughts of a dream home!


Rohit Dhotre

Site Supervision Associate, Floma

Working in this field for the last 6 years. Completed more than 50 small and big projects.

Rupesh Chavan

Facility Maintenance Associate

My job is to ensure that our facilities run at their best! I also help run Floma projects.

Anjali Kalaskar

Client Relations Associate, Socinova

I’m in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them.

Shardul Ranade

Digital Marketing Executive, Socinova

Handling social media management for our international clients, I work on projects which require out of the box creative work.

Saili Sabnis

Digital Marketing Executive, Socinova

Being an explorer by nature, I get to execute so many new things everyday. And that’s one the best things about Deshpee!

Neha Kachare

Digital Marketing Executive, Socinova

I’m here to engage, enlighten, encourage and especially…just to be MYSELF!

Virendra Khade

Digital Marketing Associate, Socinova

Working and enjoying as a Social Media representative for clients from various sectors around the world.

Aditya Rajpure

Digital Marketing Associate, Socinova

Being a social media executive, my job is to create visually appealing creatives for our clients!

Nitish Mahto

Digital Marketing Associate, Socinova

I manage social media channels and create content that helps brands engage with customers.

Ashay Chandekar

Digital Marketing Associate, Socinova

An aspiring social media marketer, manoeuvring brands into a digital world.

Pranit Kamble

Digital Marketing Associate, Socinova

I manage social media accounts of our international clients, and create engaging content to promote & position their brand.

Dhruv Bhagwatkar

Digital Marketing Associate, Socinova

As a social media marketer, I have been able to explore my idea of creativity and aesthetics which I often display in my work.

Karan Shah

Digital Marketing Associate, Socinova

I am a social media enthusiast and a content creator, I make creative and professional content for our clients.

Purva Nagpure

Digital Marketing Associate, Socinova

I create compelling content for client across diverse industries and help achieve their business goals through engaging strategies

Aishwarya Gugale

Digital Marketing Associate, Socinova

I create user-centric content for clients across various industries and give it a visual image using design elements (such as typography and images) to create an effect.


Amrut Todkar

Website Design Executive, Trigacy

I’m all about designing the world of websites. Responsible to design new concepts at Trigacy.

Shivani Prabhune

Website Design Associate, Trigacy

I love to design/develope websites which are interactive, user friendly on dekstop, tabs and mobile and I’m enjoying all this at Deshpee Group.

No Name

Group Policy Manager, Deshpee

I am in charge of quality control & policy control for the Deshpee Group.

Vedarth Deshpande

General Manager, Deshpee

I am Deshpee Group

Shriram Deshpande

Group Mentor, Deshpee

I advise my son, Vedarth, and the team on important business matters and make sure the company moves in the right direction. I also handle the finances.

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